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Indoor Air Coil Maintenance

          Coil maintenance is a procedure done to remove dust, pollen, dust mites, animal hair, and any other impurities caught into the air conditioning system’s coil from the air, air which you breathe. It is recommended to have your coil professionally cleaned once every two years to keep your unit working at its best and preventing excessive power consumption. Essentially, breathing a cleaner air and saving power!

Preventative Maintenance Check "PMC"

Kingdom Air Conditioning Florida Keys is now proud to offer our 22-point, PMC, Preventative Maintenance Check or "Tune up" for our customers. Our PMC checklist can prevent undue damage, prolong the life of your system, improve system efficiency, and lower your monthly power bills by conducting routine preventative maintenance on your indoor central air conditioning system.

22 Point Tune Up inspection with report

Only $59.99

Kingdom Air Maintenance Recommendation

Our Technicians recommend the following maintenance on your system to maximize life and efficiency:

30 Days: Cleaning or replacement of the Air filter by the home owner
30 Days: 1 oz. of bleach or vinegar down the drain line by the home owner
Annually: PMC Tune up by Professionals
2 Years: Professional Cleaning of the Coil
3 Years: Optional item, Replace UV-C Light Bulb
5 Years: Professional Air Duct Cleaning

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